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Get to know our team of awesome talents


Heather Knight

Assistant  Professor
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Samarendra Hedaoo

 EECS  Instructor
Samar received his MS in Computer Applications in 2012 from Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research. His research interests include perceptions and social attitude toward humanoid robots data usage in social grey-areas like cafes.


Abrar Fallatah

PhD  Student
Abrar received her MS in HCI in 2015 from DePaul University. Her research interests include creating intuitive controllers for multiple service robot using UCD.


Jeremy Urann

Artist in Residence Jeremy received his BS in Theatre from Western Washington University. He is interested in understanding and exploring the symbiotic relationship between performance, robots, and education.


Abhijeet Agnihotri

PhD  Student
Abhijeet have research interests in non-verbal communication, expressive motion and robot personality. In the past he have worked with ChairBots (Robotic Chairs), currently looking at contextualized personalization system for service robots.


Chinmay Wadgaonkar

Undergraduate Student Chinmay is studying ECE with a minor in CS. He enjoy working with robots and exploring the realms of social privacy with regards to human robot interactions.


Bohkyung Chun

Robot Anthropologist
Boh is an applied cultural anthropologist who specializes in social studies of human-machine interaction. She is working on the ethnographic HRI study of ClearPath OTTO Motors’ robots.


Alexandra Bacula

PhD  Student
Alexandra received her BS in Aerospace Engineering in 2018 from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Her research interests include human-robot interaction and creating movement recognizable to human users on non-humanoid platforms. 


Theodora Perednia

Undergraduate Student Theodora is working towards a BS in Mechanical Engineering. She has worked with the ChairBot and is working on new toppers to expand the robot fleet.





Alison Shutterly
MS student


Brett Altena
REU student

Akim Williams
REU student