Past and Current Projects

CHARISMA hosts artist-in-residences, participates in local, national and international outreach, and occasionally supports arts-first robotics programming, such as a the Mariachi Summer STEAM Camp at OSU.

Artist in residence Program

Artist-in-residences have included theater artists, dancers, and video-game designers. Artists work with out local research team to design, program, and control robots in support of both the artistic goals of our resident and interaction goals of our research team. It is about exploring intersections, and mutual inspiration. One cannot take inspiration from the arts without sometimes creating it.

LOCAL Performances

CHARISMA robots distribute candy each year for Robot Halloween, appear on occasional sunny days outside of the Valley Library, and improvise interactive geometries around campus. Upcoming event: Singu-Hilarity: A Robot Comedy Show at the Corvallis Majestic Theater, April 19, 2019. Past events: Corvallis Makerfaire, OSU Promise and Perils of Robotics Symposium, and Corvallis Science Pub.


Cherry Just Wants to Dance With Somebody: youtube documentation of Jeremy Urann’s live performance piece at the 2018 Robot Film Festival.

ChairBot Dances: video documentation and abstract featured at the International Conference on Human Robot Interaction in March 2019.


Upcoming Events

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